Have you finally had enough of sweating buckets on sweltering days and decided it’s time to buy a wall-mounted heat pump? As experts in heating and air conditioning systems in Ottawa and Gatineau, the team at Signature Home Heat & Air knows just how important it is to have your wall-mounted air conditioning unit installed by a professional. In this article, we discuss the risks of improper installation.

What are the risks of poor installation?
There are many good reasons to opt for a wall-mounted heat pump, from improved indoor air quality to being able to instantly adjust the temperature in your home. However, if poorly installed, this heating and air conditioning unit can cause trouble. Some of the possible hazards of improperly installing a heat pump include:

  • electrical failures
  • Fire risks
  • Water and soil pollution (in the event of a refrigerant leak)
  • Permanent damage to the unit

Furthermore, if your wall-mounted heat pump isn’t properly installed, it will likely affect the device’s performance, even if it’s a top-of-the-line model. This leads to wasted energy, increasing your utility bills as well as your carbon footprint. What’s more, the lifespan of your machine depends in large part on its proper installation.

In short, for the sake of your comfort, safety and wallet — and out of concern for the environment — you should make sure your heat pump is installed by an experienced professional.

What qualifications should you look for in a technician installing your heat pump?
To ensure a quality installation in Quebec, make sure the technician you hire holds a licence subclass 15.10 — refrigeration contractor. This can be verified through the Registre des détenteurs de licences de la Régie du bâtiment du Québec. Note that the licence subclass 15.9 (small refrigeration systems contractor) only qualifies a technician to install air conditioners of 20 kilowatts or less. In addition, if electrical work is needed, entrust this task to an electrical contractor with a licence subclass 16.0.

Count on Signature Home Heat & Air for the installation of your air conditioning system
Signature Home Heat & Air in Ottawa and Gatineau is one of the few companies whose technicians are licenced to install any type of air conditioning system as well as perform all the required electrical work. Whether you’re getting an air conditioner, a wall-mounted heat pump or any other heating or air conditioning system, turn to us for a superior-quality installation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.