Your furnace’s air filter was created to eliminate dust and all the pollutants in your ambient air. It goes without saying that in order for it to work properly, your filter has to be cleaned and replaced regularly. At Signature Home Heat and Air, we invite you to start the year off right by cleaning your furnace’s air filter. Read on to learn how to have clean air in every room of your house this winter.

How to clean your heating system’s air filter

Cleaning your air filter is really simple. Before you begin, turn your furnace off and remove your furnace’s filter. Once this is done, you have a few options for how to clean it:

  • Dry method: it can sometimes be enough to use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly remove any dust, dirt, or debris from the filter.
  • Wet method: it’s recommended that you use a garden hose or some other water source powerful enough to dislodge any dirt or debris from your filter. Be sure the filter is completely dry before replacing it in your heating system.

To optimize your furnace’s performance, you should clean your system’s filter regularly. Ideally, this means every month—particularly in winter when you use your heating most.

A clean filter is good but a new filter is great!

Even if you regularly clean your heating system’s filter regularly, you will still have to replace it eventually. Be sure to know the manufacturer’s recommendations for when your filters should be replaced to keep your furnace working at full strength.

Did you know?

A dirty filter can significantly increase your heating bills. Furthermore, an air filter that isn’t replaced according to the manufacturer’s directions can cause problems for the system’s functioning and even lead to costly repairs down the line.

Trust the specialists for the best advice

If you live in Gatineau or Ottawa’s region and need advice about your heating system, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Whether it’s electric or natural gas, contact the experts at Signature Home Heat and Air. We are proud to have been offering quality service for almost 10 years.