Fast forward to ten years in 2027. Will you walk into your home the same way as you do today? How will your home be made more comfortable with technology? Most importantly, how will this make life easier for your and your family? The answer is a lot closer than you think.

Smart technology has slowly been creeping into the home comfort market and it’s picking up at a rapid pace. Many of our clients now have smart thermostats – whether it’s the Lennox Lyric or the Canadian made Ecobee3 – these tools go a long way in helping you save money on home heating / cooling costs. This is the first of many steps we can help you turn your home into a ‘smart home’.

The market is also being flooded with clever tech gadgets like keyless entry and doors being unlocked by your phone, integrated home monitoring systems and even ‘high tech’ intercoms to help you chat with people in other rooms or even other homes. ‘Smart’ smoke / radon detectors are now readily available and can send alerts to your phone should they detect something suspicious – one of the best ways to wake you up if a fire should start in a room that’s not near you.

So while you may think the future of smart homes is just for geeks, start thinking of the ways you can use it to help make your life more convenient. And when you choose a home heating company, make sure you find out if they’re future proofing their business with smart technology. It’s not something you can afford to miss out on!