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Choosing a New Furnace

There are many options when it comes to choosing a new furnace, and for every option, there are tons of questions. At Signature, we make sure that you, the customer, always comes first. Whether you want a no obligation quote or you have a ton of questions, call us. We’ll give you honest, no pressure advice about buying a new furnace.

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High Energy Bills

With the difficult winters and hot summers we see in the Ottawa / Gatineau area, it’s no surprise that the number one complaint that we hear from our customers is their energy bills are too high. At Signature, we don’t just use that as an excuse to sell you new equipment. Our comfort advisors take time to find out your concerns, your routines and how simple inspections, maintenance programs or furnace protection plans can help reduce your energy bills.

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Maintaining my Home Comfort Equipment

If your furnace, hot water tank, cooling system, humidifier or heat pump is broken, Signature has a dedicated, local team from Ottawa and Gatineau ready to service it any time, day or night. We have a 24hour emergency hotline and if you’re a member of our Furnace Protection Plan, many of the parts and labour will likely be covered. Call the Signature team for maintenance of your equipment and don’t forget to ask about the Furnace Protection Plan!

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Remote Furnace Monitoring

While remote monitoring of furnaces seems to be all the rage these days, Signature has been helping our clients remotely monitor their furnaces and home comfort equipment for years. Whether you have a second home, you go south for the winter or you just want to have an extra level of monitoring of your home, call the signature team to get a free, no obligation estimate.

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Red Tag Warnings and Inspections

If your oil, gas or propane supplier left a warning tag requiring an inspection of your equipment before their next delivery, the Signature home comfort team can help – and quickly. As fully licensed members of the T.S.S.A., our technicians will make sure your furnace is fully inspected to the highest level of safety. When it comes to home heating fuels, trust the Signature Home Heat and Air team to inspect and maintain your furnace.

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