In Quebec and Ontario, winters can be very harsh. To face them, you need warm clothes, a well-insulated home and, of course, a powerful heating system. If not, you might encounter many frustrations – like frostbite and heavy bills! In this blog, we will explain why doing business with us will help you to spend the cold season in comfort.

Why should I change my heating system?

There are several benefits to replacing your old heating system with a recent model purchased from Signature Home Heat and Air. Here are 5.

  1. You will enjoy consistent, even heating, as our installation processes are specifically designed to optimize warm air circulation in all your property’s rooms.
  2. Reduce your environmental footprint with Energy Star-rated appliances that limit greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. You will benefit from a pure and filtered air, which will help reduce the negative effects microparticles in suspension (dust, mites, smoke, pollen, etc.) can have on your health.
  4. You will drastically reduce your heating costs by changing your system to a newer one, because our appliances have superior energy efficiency.
  5. You will get exceptional service and guaranteed work by choosing to have your new heating system installed and serviced by professionals who have all the required certifications. In the greater Ottawa area, our heating experts install and maintain state-of-the-art systems – we only select devices that meet the industry’s highest quality standards! So, whether you choose a gas or propane, oil or electric furnace, you always enjoy a reliable and affordable solution. Why look elsewhere?

Is changing the heating system expensive?

At Signature Home Heat and Air, we can conduct a free assessment of your home situation and recommend a customized solution based on your needs and budget. We also offer different financing options. Contact us to find out more!