Do you want to improve your comfort by buying a central or wall-mounted heat pump? These innovative units effectively keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Fortunately, the team at Signature Home Heat & Air in Ottawa has compiled pertinent information on choosing, installing and maintaining your future heat pump.


There are several factors to consider when choosing whether a central heat pump or wall-mounted model would best suit your home. First, the brand is often a good predictor of performance and reliability. ENERGY STAR rating and inverter technology are two other elements to consider. These features ensure your unit is energy efficient and works at full capacity, even when outdoor temperatures are at their coldest.

The device’s power is another crucial factor. A heat pump that’s not powerful enough will need to run constantly at full speed, while one that’s too powerful will stop and start too frequently. Either of these extremes can cause premature wear. The noise level and warranty are two more factors that should inform your choice.


It’s strongly recommended to have your heat pump installed by a professional. Incorrect installation can lead to unexpected breakdowns and reduce the device’s energy efficiency. When you contact an expert, you can have confidence in a safe installation. You also benefit from sound advice about where to place your interior and exterior units to maximize their performance.


It’s essential to regularly maintain your heat pump to optimize efficiency, increase the unit’s lifespan and ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. You can perform certain maintenance tasks yourself, such as cleaning the filters and inspecting the ducts. Others, however, require the expertise of a qualified professional. These tasks include deep cleaning your unit and air ducts and checking the condition of the electrical components.

The Signature Home Heat & Air team installs, maintains and repairs various heating and air conditioning systems, including central and wall-mounted heat pumps in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Contact one of our specialists today for a free quote.