Reading Google reviews: an excellent way to find reliable companies

Are you looking for a company specializing in a specific field? At Signature Home Heat & Air, we specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for customers in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our team strongly believes in the importance of reading Google reviews to make an informed choice. Keep reading to learn more!

Why you should choose a company with good Google reviews

Google reviews use the classic five-star rating system and allows customers to write comments about a company’s products and services. If you’re looking for a business offering a specific service, it’s worthwhile to take a look at what their customers have to say.

A high star rating in Google reviews indicates a company’s trustworthiness, as it’s difficult to achieve. It takes five 5-star reviews and one 1-star review to get a 4.3 average. Customers typically only leave a review if they’ve had a negative or very positive experience. Therefore, you’ll rarely see 3- or 4-star reviews. In other words, if a business has over 300 reviews, most of which are positive, you can likely feel confident giving them your business.

Furthermore, if a company responds promptly and politely to customer questions and comments, it’s a safe bet you can count on them to provide top-notch customer service.

What’s a Google Business Profile?

Google allows companies to create a business profile to improve their online presence. For example, businesses can personalize their profile with photos, offers, events and posts to keep the public informed. Once you find a business on Google Search or Maps, you can contact them directly and offer suggestions.

As you’ll find out through your search, a good profile includes essential information about the business, like the street address, hours of operation and current public health measures. It also lets you know how the company sets itself apart with desirable attributes, like wheelchair accessibility and free Wi-Fi. At Signature Home Heat & Air, we believe that having a Google Business Profile is a great way for potential customers to quickly learn about what we do.

Look for positive reviews and give some yourself

If you recently had a great experience with a company, give them a positive review on Google. It’s a simple way to show your gratitude and contribute to their success. At Signature Home Heat & Air, we’re grateful to the hundreds of customers in the greater Ottawa area who have left reviews on our heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance services. It gives our team a confidence boost and helps us improve our services. Thank you for your business!