You are convinced of heat pumps’ energy efficiency and are thinking of using our services to install one at home? To find out whether to choose a central or a wall-mounted heat pump, read this blog article showcasing their respective features.

Central heat pump: the essential air ducts

The first thing to check is the presence of air ducts in your home, which are essential if you wish to install a central heat pump, since they enable the transmission of heat from a central point to all rooms. Homes with ventilation ducts can easily be heated and air-conditioned by a central heat pump. Otherwise, it is necessary to install ducts, which can be quite expensive. That being said, this investment ensures a perfectly even temperature across your entire home.

Wall-mounted heat pump: a practical solution

Most homeowners whose homes do not have ducts opt for a wall-mounted heat pump. It can be combined with other indoor units, depending on the size of the house. Like the central heat pump, it allows to both heat and cool your home.

In addition, a wall-mounted heat pump can take advantage of the latest heating and cooling technologies. For example, it can be activated by a thermal sensor system that offers increased comfort for the occupants.

In short, whatever system you decide to install, you will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • A smaller environmental impact;
  • Savings on your heating bill;
  • A comfortable ambient temperature.

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