Are you thinking about getting rid of your oil-fired heating system? At Signature Home Heat and Air, we’re pros in all things regarding heating and cooling. In this article, we tell you what’s involved in converting your oil heating system to a gas, propane or electric one.

Homeowners often replace their oil heating system when it starts getting old or when they wish to change over to a greener, more energy-efficient system. Whatever your reason for making the switch, simply call in a HVAC technician to take care of the task. The technician will be able to take out the old components and oil tank and dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner.

Following this, the technician will install your new heating system, as per the solution provided by our sales representative.

Conversion to a gas heating system

If you want to change your current heating system to one that runs on natural gas, you’ll first need to check that there are natural gas pipelines from Enbridge Gas (Ontario) or Gazifère (Québec) in your area and that they can reach your home. Consult your municipality for this information.

At Signature Home Heat and Air, our team of skilled technicians are qualified to convert your oil-fired heating system to an electric or gas system. Contact us today for more information.