If you have a propane or gas furnace, don’t forget to change its air filter regularly. At Signature Home Heat and Air, our residential heating contractors in the Ottawa area (including Gatineau, Clarence-Rockland, etc.) understand that your furnace is an investment that contributes to your daily comfort and quality of life. But to maintain your furnace, you need to replace the filter once a month—especially filters that are only one inch thick. Here are five reasons you should make a habit of changing your furnace’s air filter.

  1. Energy efficiency: a clean air filter saves you money on your heating and energy bills by ensuring optimal performance of your furnace.
  2. Air quality: a clean filter improves the quality of the air circulating in your home because it does a better job of trapping dust and other particles that become suspended in your home’s atmosphere.
  3. Cleaner air ducts: in regularly replacing the air filter on your furnace, you’ll benefit from cleaner supply ducts, since the air that moves through them will be better filtered.
  4. Better health: in summer or winter, a well-cleaned filter reduces the risk of respiratory problems caused by contaminants and allergens that can become trapped in the air you breathe.
  5. Maximized lifespan: last but not least, changing your air filter on a regular basis helps to prolong the life of your furnace. You also reduce the risk of overheating, breakdowns or premature wear on its various parts.

Don’t know how to clean or change the air filter on your furnace? Here’s a simple solution: read our article on the subject! One thing’s certain—if you live in Ottawa or Gatineau, you’ll find everything you need at Signature Home Heat and Air, where we offer superior-quality filters and the best heating appliances on the market.

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